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What you need to know about UK AI summit: Attendees, agenda, and more

Ethiopia: Metas failures contributed to abuses against Tigrayan community during conflict in northern Ethiopia Amnesty International


It is possible to complete those steps within the allotted time on a properly configured, moderately sized computer available on any major cloud platform. The problem is that transmitting the response back to your computer can often take from 100 to 500ms. Rather than focusing on speech, NVIDIA researchers have begun to view speech as music. Like speech, music has a flow with changes in inflection in timbre, tone, and pacing.


During SCAN testing (an example episode is shown in Extended Data Fig. 7), MLC is evaluated on each query in the test corpus. For each query, 10 study examples are again sampled uniformly from the training corpus (using the test corpus for study examples would inadvertently leak test information). Neither the study nor query examples are remapped; in other words, the model is asked to infer the original meanings. Finally, for the ‘add jump’ split, one study example is fixed to be ‘jump → JUMP’, ensuring that MLC has access to the basic meaning before attempting compositional uses of ‘jump’. The word and action meanings are changing across the meta-training episodes (‘look’, ‘walk’, etc.) and must be inferred from the study examples.

Conversational AI Events

For example, once a child learns how to ‘skip’, they can understand how to ‘skip backwards’ or ‘skip around a cone twice’ due to their compositional skills. Fodor and Pylyshyn1 argued that neural networks lack this type of systematicity and are therefore not plausible cognitive models, leading to a vigorous debate that spans 35 years2,3,4,5. Counterarguments to Fodor and Pylyshyn1 have focused on two main points.

  • This is the first time Meta is sharing this metric during an earnings call.
  • An epoch of optimization consisted of 100,000 episode presentations based on the human behavioural data.
  • The query input sequence (shown as ‘jump twice after run twice’) is copied and concatenated to each of the m study examples, leading to m separate source sequences (3 shown here).
  • For example, once a child learns how to ‘skip’, they can understand how to ‘skip backwards’ or ‘skip around a cone twice’ due to their compositional skills.

Here we successfully address Fodor and Pylyshyn’s challenge by providing evidence that neural networks can achieve human-like systematicity when optimized for their compositional skills. To do so, we introduce the meta-learning for compositionality (MLC) approach for guiding training through a dynamic stream of compositional tasks. To compare humans and machines, we conducted human behavioural experiments using an instruction learning paradigm. MLC also advances the compositional skills of machine learning systems in several systematic generalization benchmarks. Our results show how a standard neural network architecture, optimized for its compositional skills, can mimic human systematic generalization in a head-to-head comparison. The interpretation grammars that define each episode were randomly generated from a simple meta-grammar.

Episode 3 Scene

The current architecture also lacks a mechanism for emitting new symbols2, although new symbols introduced through the study examples could be emitted through an additional pointer mechanism55. Last, MLC is untested on the full complexity of natural language and on other modalities; therefore, whether it can achieve human-like systematicity, in all respects and from realistic training experience, remains to be determined. Nevertheless, our use of standard transformers will aid MLC in tackling a wider range of problems at scale.


At the event, Zuckerberg also broadened his usual commitment to the metaverse, a fully virtual world, to include augmented reality, which overlays computer generated images on the real world. The company announced an updated version of the smart glasses that it developed with sunglass maker Ray-Ban, in addition to its new VR headset, the Quest 3. Amnesty International has previously highlighted Meta’s contribution to human rights violations against the Rohingya in Myanmar and warned against the recurrence of these harms if Meta’s business model and content-shaping algorithms were not fundamentally reformed.

The Metalinguistic Vocabulary of Natural Languages

Some people may squirm at the prospect of running a new channel, while others will be rubbing their hands at the opportunities. But it’s fascinating to think about how companies may leverage the metaverse as a customer support channel. Consider how mobile phones have evolved as the go-to medium for customer care. If big tech experts are correct about the metaverse being the successor to mobile, customer service might well become virtual-first and this fuels the need for Conversational AI. The summit is squarely focused on so-called “frontier AI” models — in other words, the advanced large language models, or LLMs, like those developed by companies such as OpenAI, Anthropic, and Cohere. Today, already a billion people across the globe message with a business each week on our messaging apps, and this behavior is accelerating globally, with India at the forefront.

  • Bayesian approaches enable a modeller to evaluate different representational forms and parameter settings for capturing human behaviour, as specified through the model’s prior45.
  • So significant meta-discussion about such first-order criticism has arisen.
  • The 300ms requirement can only happen on a network designed for real-time.
  • Each step is annotated with the next re-write rules to be applied, and how many times (e.g., 3 × , since some steps have multiple parallel applications).

Finally, each epoch also included an additional 100,000 episodes as a unifying bridge between the two types of optimization. These bridge episodes revisit the same 100,000 few-shot instruction learning episodes, although with a smaller number of the study examples provided (sampled uniformly from 0 to 14). Thus, for episodes with a small number of study examples chosen (0 to 5, that is, the same range as in the open-ended trials), the model cannot definitively judge the episode type on the basis of the number of study examples.

The query input sequence (shown as ‘jump twice after run twice’) is copied and concatenated to each of the m study examples, leading to m separate source sequences (3 shown here). A shared standard transformer encoder (bottom) processes each source sequence to produce latent (contextual) embeddings. The contextual embeddings are marked with the index of their study example, combined with a set union to form a single set of source messages, and passed to the decoder. The standard decoder (top) receives this message from the encoder, and then produces the output sequence for the query.


An internal Meta document from 2020 warned that “current mitigation strategies are not enough” to stop the spread of harmful content on the Facebook platform in Ethiopia. Meta also wants to leverage generative AI to have business accounts respond to customers for purchase and support queries. Meta earned $293 million in Q — with a 53% year-on-year growth — driven largely due to the WhatsApp Business platform.

Meta-Conversation: How Do We Measure the Efficacy of Coaching?

On Instagram and Facebook, Meta has been pushing short-form video, which it calls Reels. While that’s helped boost the time spent by users scrolling through the app, Meta’s advertisers are taking a while to get used to the new format. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.


A, During training, episode a presents a neural network with a set of study examples and a query instruction, all provided as a simultaneous input. The study examples demonstrate how to ‘jump twice’, ‘skip’ and so on with both instructions and corresponding outputs provided as words and text-based action symbols (solid arrows guiding the stick figures), respectively. The query instruction involves compositional use of a word (‘skip’) that is presented only in isolation in the study examples, and no intended output is provided. The network produces a query output that is compared (hollow arrows) with a behavioural target. B, Episode b introduces the next word (‘tiptoe’) and the network is asked to use it compositionally (‘tiptoe backwards around a cone’), and so on for many more training episodes. In this Article, we provide evidence that neural networks can achieve human-like systematic generalization through MLC—an optimization procedure that we introduce for encouraging systematicity through a series tasks (Fig. 1).

Extended Data Fig. 4 Example meta-learning episode and how it is processed by different MLC variants.

The last rule was the same for each episode and instantiated a form of iconic left-to-right concatenation (Extended Data Fig. 4). Study and query examples (set 1 and 2 in Extended Data Fig. 4) were produced by sampling arbitrary, unique input sequences (length ≤ 8) that can be parsed with the interpretation grammar to produce outputs (length ≤ 8). Output symbols were replaced uniformly at random with a small probability (0.01) to encourage some robustness in the trained decoder. For this variant of MLC training, episodes consisted of a latent grammar based on 4 rules for defining primitives and 3 rules defining functions, 8 possible input symbols, 6 possible output symbols, 14 study examples and 10 query examples. The study examples were presented in shuffled order on each episode. Optimization closely followed the procedure outlined above for the algebraic-only MLC variant.

To resolve the debate, and to understand whether neural networks can capture human-like compositional skills, we must compare humans and machines side-by-side, as in this Article and other recent work7,42,43. In our experiments, we found that the most common human responses were algebraic and systematic in exactly the ways that Fodor and Pylyshyn1 discuss. However, people also relied on inductive biases that sometimes support the algebraic solution and sometimes deviate from it; indeed, people are not purely algebraic machines3,6,7. We showed how MLC enables a standard neural network optimized for its compositional skills to mimic or exceed human systematic generalization in a side-by-side comparison.

To encourage few-shot inference and composition of meaning, we rely on surface-level word-type permutations for both benchmarks, a simple variant of meta-learning that uses minimal structural knowledge, described in the ‘Machine learning benchmarks’ section of the Methods. These permutations induce changes in word meaning without expanding the benchmark’s vocabulary, to approximate the more naturalistic, continual introduction of new words (Fig. 1). 4 and detailed in the ‘Architecture and optimizer’ section of the Methods, MLC uses the standard transformer architecture26 for memory-based meta-learning.

Matters of the State: Prison transparency tactics; Jackley on Meta lawsuit – Dakota News Now

Matters of the State: Prison transparency tactics; Jackley on Meta lawsuit.

Posted: Mon, 30 Oct 2023 09:48:58 GMT [source]

This year, we are all set to welcome businesses, partners, and developers for the second edition of Conversations, a global event that is taking place live in Mumbai, India for the first time. I’ve personally encountered a few different variations of the defensive coworker. In one instance, when I finally had the meta-conversation with that person about it, it worked wonders. He acknowledged that yes, he did have a tendency to defend himself, a habit borne from years of winning debate tournaments.


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